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Life Coaching

If you're ready to makes some changes in your life, but don't know where to start, then you probably recognize some of these problems:

  • Struggling to find a clear focus, direction or vision
  • Feeling demotivated or uninspired
  • Feeling stuck or unsure about your next move
  • Frustrated about not fulfilling your true potential
  • Paralyzed by a fear of failure or self-doubt
  • Stressed about financial stability and security

Coaching offers a way forward, so you can start transforming your life and turn your dreams into reality.

I can help you gain clarity on your purpose, values and priorities, figure out what’s holding you back, set clear goals based on what you want most, develop strategies and action plans, and help you implement them while providing the support and accountability you need to get things done.

3 Pillars of Transformation

Here's my tried and tested formula that's proven to deliver results…

Self-Awareness & Knowledge

Clarify your values, understand your purpose and create a vision for the future, based on your goals. Discover who you really want to be and what you really want to do with your life.

Independent Support

Receive impartial advice and independent support in a safe and confidential space, where you can explore ideas, become the best version of yourself and make your dreams a reality.

Structured Accountability

Accept the challenge of moving to a place of action. Be held accountable for the steps that you agree to take in order to transform and improve your life.

Six Modules Program

that are proven to deliver immediate outcomes and results

The 6 module program will give you all the knowledge, independent support and structured accountability you need to quickly invoke significant transformation in your life. It will enable you to discover your life purpose, create a vision the future and move to a place of action, so you can make immediate improvements to your overall wellbeing and performance.

The program is based on the tried and tested Co-Active approach and methodology. Here's a brief summary of what to expect…

Module 01. Values

  • Assess your current overall life balance and discover your levels of satisfaction in 8 key areas
  • Identify the difference between Foundational Values and Motivational Values
  • Discover which values are most important to you and how you can start honouring them more effectively

Module 02. Purpose

  • Discover your life purpose and articulate it in a simple statement
  • Identify what's getting in the way or holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Build confidence and learn how to tap into self-belief when you need it

Module 03. Vision

  • Clarify your Being Goals and Doing Goals and learn why it's important to differentiate them
  • Create a clear vision of who you really want to be and discover what you really want to do with your life
  • Identify a clear sense of focus and direction across 8 key areas of life

Module 04. Perspectives

  • Learn how to start choosing which perspectives you adopt in life
  • Discover how to adopt a positive mindset and compartmentalise negative thoughts
  • Connect with and channel the very best version of yourself

Module 05. Commitment

  • Discover how to plan your time more effectively
  • Start improving your overall work-life balance
  • Commit to the strategy and direction that determines what comes next in your life

Module 06. Action

  • Learn how to implement the 5 pillars of effective action
  • Find out how to achieve the results and outcomes that you want
  • Stay motivated and on track as you start achieving your goals and moving towards your vision

of clients who hire a coach are satisfied with the overall experience

Coaching statistics. Source: ICF

of clients would hire a coach again and repeat the process

Coaching statistics. Source: ICF

improved their work-life balance

Coaching statistics. Source: ICF

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