High-Control Group Member Coaching

How can a life coach help with betterment after leaving a high control group?

It is constructive to first define “High Control Group.” Let's talk about that for a minute.

A High Control Group is any group that controls the behaviors, information, thoughts, and emotions of its members. 

The most common examples of a high control group are religious and pseudo-religious ones. But they can also be categorized as self-help, corporate team-building and employee motivation, political, youth-correctional, sexual, and so on. 

The term that probably comes to mind is “cult.” As a Life Coach, I do not get into determining whether or not a given group is a cult. Many groups use cultic techniques to one degree or another. The deleterious effects of those tactics are what I help my clients overcome.

Open Path Life Coach Gary Alt ex-Jehovah's Witnesses

Innumerable volumes have been written about such groups. My research into and experience with them is too expansive to detail here. Regardless of the group characteristics, I understand how they operate, how they control their members, what that does to their members, and how to unleash the person within you screaming for a meaningful, successful life.

High control groups come in all sizes – from just a few members, to worldwide proportions. They may operate in some isolated location, or they may have an international presence and appear quite open. Regardless of their complexion, I can help you make your life a success once you are out of the group.

It is important to clarify that I am not a mental health professional. As a certified life coach, I do not diagnose or "treat" my clients. Rather, I help them find the motivation, inner strength, and means to fix THEMSELVES.

The Four-Step Open Path Process is designed to work if you are stuck yet determined, discouraged yet eager, crushed yet seeking personal empowerment.

You are really not any different from the person who comes to me for personal coaching, transition coaching, or career coaching. You have goals. They may need clarification and more definition, but you have them within you.

One of your goals may be to get the EDUCATION that was denied you. I can help you find the means and motivation to accomplish that. Another may be to pursue a CAREER you've dreamed about but could not seek. I can help with that too. Another may be to forge new FRIENDSHIPS outside the group. Or mend RELATIONSHIPS damaged by the group rules. If budgeting is a concern, time or otherwise, I can help there as well.

Think about what you want to be and do. Do you want to write books, songs, poetry, or screenplays? Do you want to create beautiful art, whether painting, sculpture, drawings, calligraphy, crocheting, architecture, photography, scrapbooks, or anything you may dream of? Open your own hot-dog stand? Construction business? Landscaping business? Food pantry? Day Care center? Create your first motion picture for the big screen? Discover a cure for a disease? Win big on Jeopardy? Pursue a career as a civic leader? Open your own restaurant? Become an actor on stage or screen? A comedian? An airline pilot? A doctor, lawyer, police officer, nurse, school teacher, college professor, news media reporter, or a parent? Or just be the best version of yourself you can be, without those peace-invading triggers of the past?

Let's draw a picture of what those things will look like once you achieve them. Then think about the steps you can take to get there. Then smile, laugh, and even shed some tears as you progressively reach higher than you ever thought possible.

Together we will put you on the open path to a happy, healthy, productive life. 

Why Hire A Life Coach For Betterment After Leaving A High Control Group?

High control group (ex-)members typically hire me as their coach for one of two reasons:


They aren’t happy where they are and want to make a change or


They know where they want to be but haven’t been able to get there on their own. As I often say...

If you could have reached your goals without any help, you would have done so.

What qualifies me as a Life Coach who can help High Control Group Ex-Members?

I have been educated and trained by, and received my certification from The Coach Training Academy, an ICF accredited coach training program. I have also been certified as an Empowered Minds mentor and coach.

I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses since my teens and for most of my adult life. I served at the world headquarters in New York and as a congregation elder. Prior to and since leaving, I have done considerable research on the high-control methods used to manipulate the membership, both in the context of that group, as well as in relation to many other high-control groups. Although such groups vary greatly in many ways, the basic concepts are always the same. Control of behavior, information, thought, and emotions are common to all of them, religious and otherwise. I have thus transformed the love and helpful concern I consistently showed toward those in my care, minus the tendency to control and judge, into a life coach practice that benefits people of all backgrounds.

My degree is in Computer Science. How does that qualify me as a Life Coach? It doesn't. The fact that I successfully changed careers and transformed my former experience into a life coaching skill set does.

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Set Up Your Intro Session Click Here to Get Started

Coaching offers a way forward, so you can start transforming your life and turn your dreams into reality.