Hi, my name is Gary Alt

I'm a professional life coach who can help you be the success you want to be.

Published Books

Individual books and collected works by or featuring Gary Alt.

Force of Will

Author: Tan Swiftwater (Gary Alt)


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Fear To Freedom

Author: Jack Grey, Gary Alt and 15 other authors


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Based on a true story, Force of Will is a tale of recovery and discovery. In one night, Gil Oldfield is thrust into circumstances that change his life in virtually every way – he loses his freedom, his family, his job, his assets, nearly all of his friends, and his dignity. Determined to get his life back in order and thrive, Gil embarks on a journey of successful recovery that also leads to discovery – discovery of how and why he was forced into such a situation, of his value as a person, and of who what he is capable of.

483 pages

A collection of inspirational short stories by authors who have left and recovered from high-control religion, mostly Jehovah's Witnesses. All seventeen stories are autobiographical.

295 pages