Coaching Process

Think about that thing you want.

Now think about what life will look like when you make it happen. My coaching process is an open path that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether it’s a career change, a life change, moving forward after leaving a high-control group, or anything you personally want to accomplish, I know how to make change happen.

I’ve been coaching for over 30 years, during which time I’ve positively impacted the lives of countless people. Based on what has been effective and beneficial for my past clients, I have developed a life coaching process that works without feeling like work. You are an individual, with individual talents, desires, values, needs and goals. I respect, as well as treat and work with you as the individual you are. I have developed the Four-Step Open Path Process so that the process works for all.

When you hire me, we work together, usually for 1 to 6 months, meeting regularly to make change happen. We’ll analyze and refine your goals, recognize and deal with any obstacles, then create clear action steps to meet those goals. After a couple of sessions, you’ll realize that you’ve made more progress towards your goal than you have in years past.

Here’s how it works when you’re working with me:

More than likely, you’ve already imagined something great for yourself in the near and distant future. In Step One we define your strengths and passions, clarify your values, gain focus on what success looks like for you, and fully IMAGINE your goals.

We have a conversation about what makes you tick — what is, not only on your mind, but what is in your heart. Maybe things you’ve dreamed about most of your life, or things that you’ve only recently realized will fulfill your most cherished desires. We build on your enthusiasm and start building a bridge to today and tomorrow. Do you already have a clear idea of what success means for you? Or, especially if you have been a member of a high-control group, has someone else’s idea of success been dictated to you? Either way, together, we will build a visual picture of your future — what it will look like when you’re living in a way that will bring value to your life and the  world around you.

As you move forward, actively pursuing your next steps, we keep your vision of the future in mind. As you take your next steps, we continue to return to your values, ensuring that your actions are in sync with the person you are.

Now that we’ve identified your core values, your unique talents and abilities, and your definition of success, we can CREATE a plan together.

In Step Two, we begin by painting pictures in our minds.

What will it look like when you’ve been in that new position at work for a few years? On summer vacations with the kids at that new lake house you’ve dreamed about since forever ago?  What will you be able to accomplish when you’re finally disconnected from a high-control past? 

Imagine the dinner table on your favorite holiday five years from now. What will the conversation be about? Your newly published book? The company you’ve grown from a small Mom-and-Pop to that of 100 employees? Or the people you’ve helped as a volunteer for some great cause? How about something as simple, yet elusive, as a healed relationship with a family member?

During the planning phase, we’ll discuss potential obstacles and past successes. Then we’ll define clear action steps that will take you to your goals. 

We’ll even jointly establish a plan of accountability, so that you’ll be that much more motivated to carry out the action steps we agreed on. It’s all about support and encouragement, two of my favorite things to give. Whatever you are comfortable with, I will check in with you that way periodically to see how you are doing.

In Step Three, you ACCOMPLISH that thing you want. But you won’t be doing it alone. I’ll be checking in with you to applaud your successes, brainstorm with you on ways to iron out the wrinkles, help you get unstuck, and make sure the steps you’ve been taking are consistent with our plan. 

This is perhaps my personal favorite part of the coaching process. When you have aha moment after aha moment. You’ll likely be telling me what a genius I am for fixing your life, as my clients so often do. That is when I’ll remind you that YOU are the one who had the vision. Who stated your goals. Who worked with me to establish action steps. And yes, YOU are ultimately the one who figured it all out. I just listen, reaffirm what I heard you say, ask the right questions, and offer encouragement. Coaching is really about helping you find your strengths and talents, and bringing them to the surface. That means that YOU have it in you to reach your goals. If you don’t believe me now, you will when you’ve finally reached them. You will have renewed confidence, or perhaps confidence you never had. Confidence to clearly see new goals in the future and meet them as well. All of which leads to Step Four.

It’s time to celebrate the NEW YOU! You’ll be the same person who called me asking for my help. But you’ll be in that new position at work. Or the author who is half done with that book you always wanted to write. Or feeling like you can think and act for yourself for the first time since being in that high-control group. You (and I) will indeed have something to celebrate, and if you want, I will be the one to pop the cork!

I believe in the Four-Step Open Path Process because I’ve seen it work countless times. Remember: Imagine/Create/Accomplish/New You, mean “I CAN.”


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